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With this weblog we want to open a space where we can share the stuff we really like: interesting design-facts, inspirational work of other visual artists and of course we will keep you up-to-date of our own creations!

By the way, if you came here through the backdoor and we haven't introduced ourselves.. We are PLUK creative platform and this is our website we proudly present to you! Take a look at our recent projects, our gallery, web- and animation work, and read more about who we are and what we do (for you)!

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  1. Be flexible. Be fluid. Be responsive.

    Today I want to talk a little bit about flexibility issues. And I´m not talking about yoga, because I haven´t seen my yoga-mat from very close for a long time (that´s another issue). I´m talking about making flexible, or fluid, responsive websites. Responsive webdesign, in my opinion, can go from developing one, (fixed or fluid) [read more...]

  2. El Ruido del Mundo – The Noise of the World

    Not long ago I was wondering why I have had such bizarre, crazy, violent dreams. Digging deep, I couldn´t find a source that could bring those images to my head. I kind of found an answer to my questions when I saw this amazing shortfilm by Coke Riobóo, “El Ruido del Mundo (The Noise of [read more...]

  3. Supakitch & Koralie

    Live wall painting by two amazing artists. Watch this inspirational video!   SUPAKITCH & KORALIE

  4. Using hard-to-read fonts. A good idea?

    Apparently, yes! Not really what I used to have in mind when looking for a suitable font for a reading text, but after stumbling upon an interview with professor Oppenheimer today, I have to say.. it got me thinking! Check out these two pieces of text and decide which one you would prefer to read, [read more...]